Valor Gutter Guards

Valor Gutter Guard -  Northeast Seamless Gutter Co.

Adding a quality gutter guard system to your new or existing gutters will provide safety and peace of mind.

Valor Gutter Guard out performs its competition

  • Valor keeps out leaves, pine needles and shingle grit
  • Valor is fully enclosed to make it 100% clog free
  • Valor is installed at an angle to self-shed the debris
  • Valor allows the maximum flow of water through the stainless steel micro-mesh
  • Valor's low-profile design will not detract from the beauty of your homes exterior
  • Valor's integrated zinc strip will inhibit moss and algae from forming on the mesh
  • Valor will not void your shingle warranty
  • Valor will not expand and contract due to temperature changes
  • Valor will not collapse due to heavy snow and ice loads

Valor is a 3rd generation Stainless Steel Micro-Mesh Gutter Guard system. The engineers of Valor have taken the positive attributes from good products, corrected their flaws and created a superior product that will perform as expected in all situations.

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